Monday, April 19, 2021

Descending Triangle On Nifty Weekly Chart!

In the last year, we have seen a 40% fall in the market and the reason was COVID-19. After some time, bears got tired and bulls have taken handover. The market has recovered all fall in the 6-8 months and hit a lifetime high once again. Now many countries have vaccines, and India is also on this list. Still corona is getting heavy in the second wave, and there are chances to hit a lifetime high.

If we see a weekly chart of Nifty 50 then we can see a descending triangle. Based on COVID cases and Nifty chart pattern, there are chances of one more big fall. Let’s do a price history analysis.

Nifty50: On a weekly chart, the index is making Lower Highs back to back and taking support from the same levels. The Nifty has taken five times from the same levels. Today it has opened a gap down below this support, but we have three days for weekly closing. If the COVID situation is not get controlled and the chart breaks the support, we may see 13600/12500.

Banknifty: After made a new lifetime high, it is showing a continuous fall. Before two weeks, it has broken support of 32500 and now taking support from 30500. The bank index is trading in the range of 30500 to 32500 and making Head & Shoulder pattern weekly chart.

If we compare with the American market then those indexes are hitting lifetime highs. That means we are falling because of our crisis and we will recover with the same things. In this panic sentiment, we have to invest partially in good stocks. Stocks which having good fundamentals and chart levels. Friends always keep in mind when a big fall comes in the market, then big players invest at the bottom.


Disclaimer: The contents produced here are purely for educational purposes. They should not be construed as buy/sell recommendations. I am not a SEBI registered Analyst or Investment Advisor. Readers are advised to consult their Investment advisor before taking any decisions based on the above write-up.

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